Start your health journey with TeraWave app

TeraWave is an innovative AI-based self-care mobile app with which you can monitor your body composition. Thanks to its innovative health engine, developed according to the most updated medical guidelines, TerraWave can provide feedback upon each health data entry. You can log your health data manually or automatically via bluetooth from selected compatible devices.

Key features

  • Automatic or manual data collection
  • Providing a digital health profile for users
  • Smart analysis on body composition variables
  • Health data trends presentation in modifiable time frames
  • Visual step-by-step user manual for measuring health variables
  • Presenting time trends of body composition parameters (compatible with Jumper body composition)

Jumper scale features

  • Essential Measurements: Scale shows body weight, data including Weight, BMI, Body fat percentage displayed on the app.
  • JUMPER Health app can be easily connected to scales via bluetooth.
  • Weigh yourself anytime WITHOUT your phone: The data will sync to the app once it is connected again.
  • High Accuracy: The Bluetooth body fat scale is built-in 4 high precision sensors, measuring in increments of 0.2 lb./0.1 kg with 330lbs/150kg capacity.
  • Users Tracking Management: The data of measurement can be checked on APP via Bluetooth, which can help users make health plan and dietary adjustment.
  • Auto recording up to 10 users’ data.
  • Dedicated High-end Design: The large platform with super-white tempered glass; Backlight LED display gives bright, clear readings from any angles; Sleek surface is easy to clean.
Fat Rate
Visceral Fat Index
Fat Mass
Protein Rate
Subcutaneous Fat
Body Water
Muscle Rate
Muscle Mass
Metabolic Age
Bone Mass


Achieve your weight goals and improve your heart health with small steps.

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